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What is the benefits of pan card in applying home loan?

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    I need to apply for the home loan in SBI bank. I have to ask to the bank manager about the applying loan yesterday. i need to submit my land documents, security sign and pan card also. I am getting my pan card in my hand. What is the importance of pan card at the time of applying all types of loans? I need to know the details in wide way. Did you help me about these? Please help me to apply the loan for build my home. I need to take more days for collecting the loan amount. My father is getting some amount of money. Is pan card is help for collecting money? My friend is getting pan card with wrong details. He is getting new pan card and it is getting the wrong photo also. How to edit the photo in that?
    He is asking me about that. But I am not known about that to change it. So please guide me about the same here. I will tell them to edit it. My pan card is getting all details correctly. If any idea for applying home loan without pan card. My relative friend is also need to apply for it. But he is not getting proof of pan card. So how to he collect the loan from bank? Please tell me the correct way for that. I need to some tips about applying loan in SBI bank. I am already having the account in my name. What is the procedure will follow for that? Please help me here. And also please tell me the benefits and uses for pan card at the time of applying different types of loans from banks. I need the information as quickly. I have submit my email id for collecting your ideas

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